Frac Plug Drill-out

Choke Manifolds

With experienced crews available 24/7/365, Ameriflow can work together with workover rigs, and coiled tubing operations to handle removal of frac plugs, and collection of the associated debris. This is done using manifolds, sand traps and single or dual plug catchers.  Ameriflow offers a wide array of package options for drill outs.  Whether your well has 2 stages or 40 stages, our equipment and people can help your well come on strong! With over 2000 wells and counting drilled out in the last 5 years, Ameriflow has become a leader and preferred vendor in drill outs

Plug Catchers

Available in single or dual barrel (to allow for filtration even during blow-down activities), Ameriflow has the equipment necessary to support well cleanup. Filtering of wireline plug remnants, casing fragments, and loose rock is necessary to prevent equipment damage by removing these debris present after the frac stack.

Flare Stacks

Ranging in heights, Ameriflow is equipped with any size necessary flare stack during cleanup and flow back operations. Whether it is to burn gas at a safe distance away from workers or to disposal of H2S, we have the equipment you need for your operations.

  • Always on Pilot Light to ensure flare ignition...
  • Maintains safety during flaring
  • With a variety of Flare sizes ranging from 2”-6” and from 20’ to 60’ flares, AmeriFlow Energy Services can accommodate your well’s production need.
Sand Separators

In order to remove sands and other solid particles from the pathway to downstream equipment an Ameriflow Sand Trap or Sand Separator can be installed during drill out, flow back, or production well testing. You can trust Ameriflow to protect your equipment in each stage of the well where sand removal is critical.

Light Plants

Available for Rental with extended usage external tanks to reduce need for filling. Provides low level generator power as well.

Combination Trailers

Ameriflow combination trailers are an excellent solution when power, light, and water are needed on a well-site. Able to power campers or off-site offices, they provide 500 gallons of non-potable water for on site needs.